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 Post subject: Let France stretch from Vlaandern in the North to the South
 Post Posted: Wed 05.09.07 22:55 

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Hallo Erhard, thank you for the new Forum - some of us cannot write correct German in one evening, and thank you for an interesting tour of the Miwula - I loved your jokes but it takes a lot of concentration to understand for a non-German :D This is my first trial contribution.

And hallo all Danes, Swedes, Dutch, Belgian, French and other model railroad enthusiasts - let us Wunderland fans use this Forum and get it out of its secret life!

Erhard - could we allow more languages within this Forum - and find a way to translate into English by Forumaners - eg. Simon aus Tarp writes he commands both Danish, English and German?

In this spirit my suggestion for the new and socalled Mediterranean section:

In this year of 50 years Trans Europ Express trains and of 50 year jubilee for the European Union Rome Treaty - let's give the new section a more European theme:

Purchase a lot of all the new models of TEE trains available now, the Swiss, Dutch, Italian, French and German TEE models, this year, and run them in the future section.

And let us have the new section begin in a more European way in the north - that could be a beautiful Vlandern/Flamish town representing the Flamish/Dutch areas including a Grand Place. There are wonderful model building kits available of medieval Flamish houses and town halls. Maybe a beguinenhof with little canals - I believe you love water in Hamburg.

To the west onto the channel, le Mont Saint Michel monastery and the tunnel entrance in Calais for Eurotunnel present themselves. To the east Strasbourg and the Alsace/Elsace little towns. And the railway museum of Mulhouse. Strasbourg and Mulhouse have new modern tram networks that would look just so pretty.

If I remember correctly, France is in the same floor as the airport. So lets have a high speed line LGV POS Europe (LGV Est Paris-Strasbourg-Germany)
from France into the airport train tunnel station. It could maybe be a combined TGV Nord and East from Calais via 'Lille/Ghent/Brussels' to Strasbourg with its pictureque quarters and then into the airport.

North of the Eifel Tower you could have a small Parc Asterix!! if they will allow it. But I do not think the whole section should be filled with Paris.

There are a multitude of beautiful French towns spread out, from Provins to Briancon, maybe we should ask all model railroaders for comments as to which landscapes are more important before we reach the Mediterranean coastline in Provence: the Massif Central and its rail bridges, the new road bridge at Millau, the beautiful green Cevennes mountains, the Roman aquaduct at Pont du Gard, the gorges in Ardeche.

And all terminating in Monaco/Nice/Ventimiglia on the border to Italy I guess.

But these are our post card perceptions. So last not least: What is most important to you the Belgians, Dutch and French themselves, that should be built into the fabulous MiniaturWunderland??
Allez-y !!

Kind regards Nord-Express

>"Small Scale on a Large Scale - Hamburg's Miniature World"<

Recommended link http://www.sporvejsmuseet.dk Danish Tramway Museum

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 Post subject:
 Post Posted: Thu 06.09.07 21:30 
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Welcome to the forum, Nordexpress!

A *LOT* of whishes, WOW! Unfortunately, not all of them can be realized, especially, since the french section is not on the same floor as the airport but will be installed in the 3rd floor... And there's another argument called floor space. Sounds weird but we also lack enough space. However, I think that a couple of the "old hands" like Simon (SaT) read along with us and will certainly contribute their share. I personally would love a stretch along the mediterranean coast like from St. Marie de la Mer (La bouche du Rhone in the Provence) to Ventimiglia. Very scenic and many typical landmarks of southern France can be found there... Come to think, the Bretagne also has it's charme with the Cote du Granite rose and of course Mont Saint Michel. Anyhow, I guess, we will have to wait and see; the planning for the mediterranean section is not yet finished; so many things can still happen here! Let your proposals and ideas come in! Can't wait to read more of them...

Take care,

US-Modules in N eMail: erhard(at)minirails(dot)de

 Post subject: Re: Let France stretch from Vlaandern in the North to the South
 Post Posted: Sun 07.11.10 10:31 

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In this year of 50 years Trans Europ Express trains and of 50 year jubilee for the European Union Rome Treaty - let's give the new section a more European theme:

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